Unless noted otherwise, color coded speed scales are in meters/second. Multiply by 2 (1.94) to get knots.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Currents outlook Wed, Thurs, Fri

No real change. Leaving on wed, the stronger favorable currents further west will have dissipated, so no good ride to look forward to. General picture is not bad, but not favorable as it looks like about 1 kt pushing them south, whereas the goal is to stay on the rhumbline if possible. wind on wed looks like 10 to 15 N-NE, but building to 17 to 18 N-NE on thurs and fri, so definitely getting pushed south. we will get better wind forecasts from the weather team. As we have seen often, the wind tends to go more easterly as they get closer to the cape verdes and beyond.

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