Unless noted otherwise, color coded speed scales are in meters/second. Multiply by 2 (1.94) to get knots.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Outlook for Jan 21, 2013

Still trying to figure way to automate these presentations on some level...

We use the RTOFS Hi-Res Atlantic Model. This gives data for 144h, so 6 days is the farthest we ca look ahead.  No idea yet how dependable the predictions will be.  As of latest word departure is Wed, the 23, so it will be a couple days before we know what that looks like.  Farthest ahead we can see is 21th, which looks here like light current for first 60 nmi (ie first day) then some lift of a knot or so to the west, but this is a rotating eddy, so we really need the animations, which i am working on.

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