Unless noted otherwise, color coded speed scales are in meters/second. Multiply by 2 (1.94) to get knots.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

RTOFS from Angie

Angeline Pendergrass from University of Washington, Atmospheric Sciences Department, Leader of our weather forecast team, has set up this super-nice way to download and display the Hi-Res Atlantic RTOFS surface current predictions relative to a real-time location of the boat.

These should update automatically with latest forecasts as well as latest boat position. Recall these computations are made at 14z and valid starting at 00z. The first is essentially a picture of the currents as best discerned from all Atlantic observations then folded into the model predictions. Later pictures are then pure forecasts. Speed changes at whole knots are marked by a contour line.

There are three vessel positions shown: the latest position, the position 24 hr earlier, and the historic or projected position at the time of the forecast. To see the predicted currents at the present vessel location,  scroll down until the two leading positions overlap.  Also shown are the course made good and speed made good over the past 24 hr.

To view the trends, just click open any one picture, then scroll (mouse roll) though the set to implement an animation of the pattern.

00z Today
06z Today
12z Today
18z Today
00z Tomorrow
06z Tomorrow
12z Tomorrow
18z Tomorrow
00z Day after Tomorrow
06z Day after Tomorrow
12z Day after Tomorrow
18z Day after Tomorrow
00z Three days out

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